1. Filipino / Native English Speakers
2. Female, 22 years old and above and less than 40 years old
3. Experienced Online English Teacher(at least 1 year)
4. Graduate of any 2-year or 4-year course *Undergraduates are also encouraged to apply! ~ Must have very good English pronunciation and proficient in grammar
5. Must have the Technical Necessities as shown above
6. Must be knowledgeable in using Skype and/or Zoom for conducting online classes
7. Must be computer literate and very good at multitasking e.g. talking while typing messages

  1. Must be creative with a passion for teaching English.
  2. Must be proficient in teaching English pronunciation and grammar.
  3. Must be very good in oral and written communication skills.
  4. Must be punctual with a high sense of responsibility and professionalism.
  5. Must be able to handle students with different English levels and age brackets.
  6. Must be able to correct the students on their pronunciation and grammar.
  7. Must be able to assess the level of the students.
  8. Must be able to identify student’s needs.
  9. Must be able to provide effective, fun and innovative lessons.
  10. Must be able to monitor and evaluate student’s progress.
  11. Must be a hardworking, responsible and highly motivated English teacher.
  12. Must be knowledgeable in basic computer applications and Internet savvy.

Please send Self-Introduction video(about 1minute), Resume, and Professional-looking Photos to the below Email.


Here’s the process of the application here in Eineteacher.

  1. Apply in http://eineteacher.com and Send the Complete Requirements ★ Resume, 1-minute video Self-Introduction, and photos
  2. Have an two interviews with us
  3. Provide us with two demo classes
  4. Take a written and grammar test

after passing

  1. Fill-up our Application Form
  2. Make Self-introduction for the students and send us the better Portrait Photo
  3. Have a metro bank account  for Tuition Fee
  4. Download drop box folder and share a folder with us
  5. Profile Upload and Activation
  6. Start teaching!
  1. A Desktop Computer / Notebook / Netbook PC *Pentium 4, Dual Core or with higher specs with at least 2GB or 4GB of memory or RAM for better teaching management and swift multitasking.
  2. A reliable Web Camera with NO microphone

*If your webcam has a microphone, then disable it from system sounds settings

*With at least 8 mega pixels image quality or with good resolution

*Place your webcam on the top center of the PC monitor

  1. A Headset with Microphone or Speakers and a PC Microphone

*The microphone must have noise reduction capability

*Sometime student’s surrounding or audio setting is very noisy

*So we highly recommend teachers to use speakers and separated microphone, not headphones/earphones as much as possible to take care of your precious ears

  1. Wired Internet Connection at home

*With the minimum speed of 5 Mbps

*We do not accept WiFi / 4G or any wireless connection

  1. Must work in a very quiet and conducive teaching environment
  2. Skype and/or Line Accounts

You will be notified via email if you pass the application

Sorry, we only offer Home-Based Job and looking for potential Online English Teachers.

you will start from 70 pesso / 25min

We need a 1-minute Video Self-introduction with some information such as: +Preferred Teacher Nickname +Teaching experiences (offline and/or online) +Tell your offered English lessons to your students. Be certain that you are capable enough to teach the students.

*You can send the video file through your own DropBox, YouTube account or E-mail.

*Please don’t forget to include your COMPLETE NAME.