1. Specific Qualifications

1. Filipino / Native English Speakers
2. Female, 20 years old and above and less than 40 years old
3. Experienced Online English Teacher(at least 1 year)
4. Graduate of any 2-year or 4-year course *Undergraduates are also encouraged to apply! ~ Must have very good English pronunciation and proficient in grammar
5. Must have the Technical Necessities as shown above
6. Must be knowledgeable in using Skype and/or LINE for conducting online classes
7. Must be computer literate and very good at multitasking e.g. talking while typing messages

2. Job Descriptions

  1. Must be creative with a passion for teaching English.
  2. Must be proficient in teaching English pronunciation and grammar.
  3. Must be very good in oral and written communication skills.
  4. Must be punctual with a high sense of responsibility and professionalism.
  5. Must be able to handle students with different English levels and age brackets.
  6. Must be able to correct the students on their pronunciation and grammar.
  7. Must be able to assess the level of the students.
  8. Must be able to identify student’s needs.
  9. Must be able to provide effective, fun and innovative lessons.
  10. Must be able to monitor and evaluate student’s progress.
  11. Must be a hardworking, responsible and highly motivated English teacher.
  12. Must be knowledgeable in basic computer applications and Internet savvy.

3. How to apply? / What are the requirements?

Please Apply in eineteacher.com or Kindly send the complete requirements to the below email.


Requirements : Audio Self-Introduction (about 1 minute), Resume, and Professional-looking Photos

4. What is the Application Process?

Here’s the process of the application here in Eineteacher.

  1. Apply in http://eineteacher.com and Send the Complete Requirements ★ Resume, 1-minute Self-Introduction Audio, and photos
  2. Have an two interviews with us
  3. Provide us with two demo classes
  4. Take a written and grammar test

after passing

  1. Fill-up our Application Form
  2. Make Self-introduction for the students and send us the better Portrait Photo
  3. Have a metro bank account for Tuition Fee
  4. Download drop box folder and share a folder with us
  5. Profile Upload and Activation
  6. Start teaching!

5. Technical Necessities for a Home-Based Job

  1. A Desktop Computer / Notebook / Netbook PC *Pentium 4, Dual Core or with higher specs with at least 2GB or 4GB of memory or RAM for better teaching management and swift multitasking.
  2. A reliable Web Camera with NO microphone

*If your webcam has a microphone, then disable it from system sounds settings

*With at least 8 mega pixels image quality or with good resolution

*Place your webcam on the top center of the PC monitor

  1. A Headset with Microphone or Speakers and a PC Microphone

*The microphone must have noise reduction capability

*Sometime student’s surrounding or audio setting is very noisy

*So we highly recommend teachers to use speakers and separated microphone, not headphones/earphones as much as possible to take care of your precious ears

  1. Wired Internet Connection at home

*With the minimum speed of 3 Mbps

*We do not accept WiFi / 4G or any wireless connection

  1. Must work in a very quiet and conducive teaching environment
  2. Skype and/or Line Accounts

6. How will I know if I passed the application?

You will be notified via email if you pass the application

7. Do you offer Office-Based Job or any vacant job?

Sorry, we only offer Home-Based Job and looking for potential Online English Teachers.

8. What is the Rate?


9. What should I say in my Audio Self-introduction?

We need a 1-minute Audio Self-introduction with some information such as: +Preferred Teacher Nickname +Teaching experiences (offline and/or online) +Tell your offered English lessons to your students. Be certain that you are capable enough to teach the students.

10.Where can I send my audio file?

*You can send the Audio file through your own DropBox, YouTube account or E-mail.

*Please don’t forget to include your COMPLETE NAME.

11.How should I look in my photos?

Of course, you should look like a professional one.

*Wear a very nice blouse or office attire (with collar, optional)

*Comb your hair neatly

*Display some hair on any side for ladies and NO bangs covering half of your face please

*NO seductive clothes (no exposed cleavage and off shoulders)

*NO sleeveless top, tube clothing, tank tops and house-dress or dusters

*NO sloppy t-shirt

*Put on a light make-up for ladies

*Show-off your best smile!

Please send 3 DIFFERENT photos so that we can choose the best one for your profile.

*As you can see on the photos below, there’s NO CUT on the top head and shoulders’ sides.

*Please send us photos with any size but NOT too big and NOT smaller than 2×2.

12. What is the nationality of your students?

We currently cater Korean

13.How old are your students?

We have 7-50 years old. Most of them are Beginners, some are Intermediate and a few are Advanced English learners.

14. Is it one to one or group class?

Both. Most of our teachers normally conduct one-to-one lesson. But some of them can handle group classes, especially when teaching siblings or family members. However, the lesson price/fee is still based on the lesson minutes.

15. Do you provide English lesson materials?

Certainly, we do provide some like e-books but teachers can use other materials, too. It can be other e-books or free ready-made lessons from the internet. Teachers can impart their knowledge to their students through different teaching strategies they have!

16. Do I need to download any special computer programs?

You need to download Skype and dropbox for desktop. Skype and dropbox are free!

Please Google Skype and dropbox for more information.  NOTE: Maximize the view of skype and set the video quality to 720p.

17. Do I need to study Korean language?

You don’t have to. But we can send a copy of phrases and sentences in English and Korean translation for online teaching purposes only. It would be great if you try to memorize some teaching instructions in Korean so that students will be happy and might recommend you to their family members, friends and colleagues.

18. Do you have Teacher’s Training?

We will conduct classes with teachers temporarily through Skype. But Teachers must be responsible enough to search for many online tutorials/ demo class in YouTube.

19. Can I teach using a smartphone or tablet?

Sorry, we do not allow teachers to use a smartphone or tablet or any smaller device as they don’t have a standard keyboard where teachers have to type word/sentence correction quickly. Also, smaller devices which do not have Windows OS cannot do Skype Share Screen.

20. How much is the salary per month?

you will be paid $1.4(66-70 peso) per 25min.

21. When do you send salary?

We send salary at any time within 1-5th or 16-20th days of the month, which means teachers must send the INVOICE within the given time frame. We carefully check the invoice before sending salary. We send earnings as soon as possible or within 5 days from the date of receiving INVOICE OK Mail from us.

22. What is your method of payment?

We will send earnings via Bank Account. If you have a Metro-bank account, you will not pay any transfer fee but if not, you will pay 125 pesos.

23.Is there an increase of salary?

We give teachers the opportunity to increase “rate” after 7 months and above. Increasing rate will depend on the teacher’s popularity, good reputation and teaching performance. We have some conditions before increasing the rate and we will give more information about that once get hired. Take note, the Teacher’s Rate is mutual to the Lesson Price (student’s payment to us).

24. Do I need to have a bank account?

Certainly and we recommend Metro-bank Account, which requires you no transfer fee. if you want to get payment from other banks, you will pay 125 pesos for transfer fee.

28. How long does it take to receive money to a bank account?

If you have a metro bank, you will receive payment within one day but if you use another bank, it will take one day.

31. Do you deduct government 10% tax from the teacher’s salary?

Certainly not, as this school is registered in Korea only. So the students bear their own government’s tax in their lesson fees. Therefore, teachers only bear the transfer fee(125pesos) if they don’t have metro-bank account.

32. How many hours should I complete per month?

There’s no required hours per month. You can teach at least 3 hours in a day. But we highly recommend to open as many time slots as you can because it can really help you attract and gather a lot of students!

33. How many minutes should I teach per class?

Students will decide from 25 or 50 minutes per class. Students can decide the lesson minutes from your posted schedule

34. What time should I start teaching?

You can start teaching at any time from 5am to 12 midnight (Philippine Standard Time). We use Korean Standard Time (KST). Korean Standard Time (KST) is 1 HOUR ahead of the Philippines (PST). For examples, 10:30 pm PST = 11:30 pm KST / 12:00 pm PST = 01:00 pm KST / 05:30 am PST = 06:30 am KST

35. What are the peak hours of teaching here?

The peak hours of teaching is from 6pm to 11pm PST. You can try to post morning schedule to mid-afternoon but take note, most people at those hours are at work and schools, so that’s why almost all online schools recommend or even require to work from 4pm onwards.

36. What kind of Internet Connection do you require?

We require teachers to have a reliable WIRED internet connection at home.(at least 2mbps)

38. Is it fine to use WiFi connection?

Sorry, we don’t accept any kind of wireless internet connection such as WiFi/4G/LTE/plug in, etc. Students from different online schools are disappointed with this kind of internet connection. And you will definitely receive complaints which is really bad for our image.

39. Can you recommend a good Internet provider?

Find the strongest and nearest internet provider in your area and that’s the best advice we can give. Mostly, wired internet connection comes with a telephone. The telephone bill is mostly 600-700 php per month while the internet connection charge will cost around 1,000 as the cheapest one. Please Google available internet provider which is near your area.

40. Do you accept teachers from abroad?

No, We only accept teachers from  Philippines.

41. Do you accept applicants who are currently affiliated with other online schools/companies?

We welcome any applicant from any business/online schools as long as you don’t violate the policies of your existing company.

42. Do you accept Part-time teachers?

Sorry, We Only accept Full-time online English teachers who can work at least 5hours a day

43. Do you accept undergraduate applicants?

We highly recommend to focus on their studies and finish college first. Our previous teachers who were also college students had neglected their online lessons and got a bunch of complaints. So please finish study first before entering online teaching industry. Thank you for the kind understanding

45. Do you accept applicants with different majors in college?

We do accept applicants with different majors/courses in college. Even so, we need teachers with very good and/or excellent command of the English language.

46. Do you have an office/school here in the Philippines?

EineTeacher Online School is located in Seoul, Korea only. This is purely an “online” school offering a Home-based Job for Online English Teachers.

47. Do you have penalties for technical problems like sudden brownout or cut internet connection?

Yes, we do, just like in other online schools. But you will not be charged if you send a notification email/SMS beforehand.

48. Is this online school legit?

EineTeacher Online School is a new company established and registered in Korean in 2015.