EINEnglish is HIRING!
We are in need of an experienced HR Assistant to join our company. Responsibilities include hiring, interview, assessing of applicants and providing different admin tasks who can work-time FULL-TIME from 8am to 5pm Phil Time (Monday to Friday).

- 18,000 pesos Monthly (under probation for 3 months)
- Perfect attendance bonus (1000 pesos)

•Must have a computer (laptop/ desktop i3 and above computer specifications)
•A hard-wired Internet connection at home (at least 10mbps for upload and download)
•Headset with noise canceling feature
•HD camera (built in or external)

-at least 3 years experience as an ESL Teacher
-with back up internet
-with Zoom account
-good working environment (no background noise)
-Able to start ASAP
-with standard American accent
-Should be attentive to details and organized