Home-based online Teacher

Go for High Income

Work less than 6 hours a day at home &
earn 20,000 peso a month!


Teach english to Korean student via Zoom 

All you need is a computer and a stable internet


Home or any quiet area where you

can teach safely and steadily


Your payment will start from 180 peso/hour.(190peso/hour with tesol certification)

The Rate/hour depends on your teaching experience and demo result.

Your total payment will be based on the number of zoom lessons you conduct on a regular basis.


Perfect attendance bonus ( 5% of your base salary)
Peak hour bonus (10% of your base salary for the month if you open slots from 6pm to 11pm in pht)

Early hour bonus (10% of your base salary for the month if you open slots from 5am to 10am in pht)


Payment is sent via your Bank account


All the teaching materials will be provided by Eine


Choose what time you want to teach, and start to teach them from Mon to Fri on a regular basis

Why do 

teachers want to be with EineTeacher?

Eineteacher Online School is a Korean-Owned company founded in 2015.

Since that time, it is considered as one of the most rapidly growing one-to-one English lesson providers in Korea.

Eine lessons are based on the English ability of students, thus provided materials are best chosen to cater their learming needs.

Eine offers a flexible teaching schedule to meet the availability of both teachers and students.

Eine believes that teachers strive to be a great help to students English journey so the teaching strategy depends on the teachers preference.

Eine adapts the trend of online communication and making Zoom a tool for teacher-student interaction.




- Must possess a college-level education at least and have more than two years of teaching experience Online

- 23 - 38 years old female

- Must speak English at a native level with an American standard accent

- Must be patient, flexible, and willing to work from 6pm to 10pm in pht

- Must have a high-speed internet connection at home(at least 25 mbps, not Wifi)

- Teachr will be working from home, but quiet environment must be assured

- Creative and passionate for teaching 


- Be punctual and show on time

- Identify your student's needs

- Monitor and evaluate student's progress

- Deliver a fun and innovative lesson

- Correct your student's mistakes

- Handle different level/age bracket of students

- Conduct a level test giving the best impression of our service

- Ensure that students are provided with a high quality online tutorial  service

We Quarantee!

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How to Apply

1. Prepare Zoom, headset, and web-camera

2. Apply at eineteacher.com (Upload an updated resume and an video self intro)

3. Have a first interview through facebook messager for 10-15min

4. Have the two demo lessons(20min) with Korean manager for an adult and a kid

5. Have the orientation and training for 2 hours

6. Make a bank account and Dropbox account (it is free)

7. Join!

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yes, we do

1) Perfect attendance bonus(5% of your base salary)

2) Peak hour bonus (10% of your base salary for the month if you open slots from 6pm to 11pm in pht)

3) Early hour bonus (10% of your base salary for the month if you open slots from 5am to 10am in pht)

Starting rate : 180 peso/hour

Starting rate with Tesol : 190 peso/hour
however, the rate/hour depends on your teaching experience and demo result. 

We currently cater only to Korean Students.

Our students’ ages range from 6 up to 60 years old. 

Most of them are beginners, while some are intermediate learners and a few advanced ones.

Sorry, we only offer home-based Job, looking for potential Online English teachers

EineTeacher corporation is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. 

This is purely an “online” school which offers a home-based job for online English teachers.

Peak hours are from 6 pm through 11 pm PST. 

You can try to post morning schedule to mid-afternoon but take note, most people at those hours are at work and schools. 

That is why most of the online schools recommend or even require to work from 4 pm onwards.